Something to ponder✨

Por vezes , sinto me velha …

Sinto me velha para gastar o meu tempo com o que me transforma em um ser infeliz, amargo ou diferente daquilo que sou.

Os anos já me trouxeram dissabores e alegrias. e já cometi a minha cota parte de infantilidades.

Já tomei decisões equivocadas ; já critiquei mas tentei sempre não ser irresponsável.

Já aceitei e já falhei …

Já fui bem sucedida e já fracassei…

Tudo faz parte do processo de amadurecer , e de certeza que cometerei novos erros , mas não os mesmos e não da mesma maneira.

Hoje vivo o tempo sem me permitir viver sentimentos desnecessários.

Almejo apenas usufruir da paz que tenho vindo a conquistar!

Carla Milho 🌹💖

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  1. arisings Carla…I have found that there aren’t, in my experience, unnecessary feelings and as for conquering them… well, I don’t know what to say… (there may be translation probs here so forgive if so, please)… I have learnt that if I look for the voids, sure enough they’ll appear and then I realised without any realisation at all that nothingness is plain and simply nothingness… I had, also simply, forgotten to show up in my own life… like for years… sure I have done stuff but in the main out of a weird sense of duty when there wasn’t any such expectation… except from me…yep, the inner punisher had had it’s way, again… so I am learning to protect my soul space (as you said in another post)… I don’t know how I arrived at this and it just didn’t happen.. I asked for it to happen… by asking to be taken to that place deep inside, deep inside the womb, where I can know nothing and be reborn anew… I learnt this from a chance meeting with Kaia Rá (ónline, of course) while listening to The Sophia Code readings…I was actually researching the Sophia Code, which is also the name of a biophysics computational modelling kit developed in the US and used in Japan… and guess what it works, for me at least…serendipity, eh! So if by chance and not reason your coupling arises for you too, and I wish this for you if that’s not weird, then you will know it as it knows you too… again, I thank you for posts Carla… they’re thoughtful and kind and I hope you hear more than an echo of your own voice and soon too 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 btw I hope too that the translation is a good one or else I am a right ninny… but hey risk taken and heart smiles and laughter too… 😄😄😄

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