Turning the page of an old book

Hello dear readers,

Today I woke up with an urgent desire to turn the page of an old book ... a book that I had been reading for some time, but that started to bore me.
I like books that contain action, that contain something that will hold my attention until almost its last page, and this one from a given chapter, does not develop. The dramas are always the same, the action is tedious, and the characters who had died, the author decided to resurrect them, I couldn't understand where the author's intention was in doing it, however for me it completely spoiled my interest in the story!
Since the chapters started to be repetitive, I was already a little saturated with the lack of content, but I wanted to give the opportunity to see if there would be a turnaround, that would change my mind, but no.
They are the same lengas lengas, always the same rains and does not wet, as they say.
And so I decided to put that book on a shelf, so that it stays there just collecting dust, for someone who knows one day that I don't feel like and who likes to read its contents ...
I hope so, because the beginning of yours The story was very interesting and promised to be something really good.
This happens to me quite often in my life, the fact that u get bored with things that simply insist on not evolving positively or that have stagnated, or it is or it is not, there is no maybe, I am not a clock to give time, to wait and see if anything will ever change .. Nothing makes sense to me, and what matters is that, what makes sense to me!

I hope you continue to follow my blog and my writing, thank you all!🌹💖

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