You had taken my breath away

Hello dear readers,

Have you ever met someone in your life who stole your breath? I already ..

I already had this emotion, and I fell in love at first sight, when I felt losing myself in those eyes ..

My breathing quickened, and I no longer knew where I was and what I had to do … I lost myself completely in those eyes, that voice, that figure ..

That night I did not sleep, the next day I longed for the night to come if for those who can see those eyes again … I started to believe in love at first sight, I started to believe that happiness existed and that my turn had come …

I got lost in the hours of the night, talking, looking fascinated at those beautiful eyes, at that mouth longing to be able to kiss her …

My breathing when I was close to him was breathless and in the middle of winter I didn’t feel cold … I’ve never been so lost to anyone in my life. Would it be love ?!

I was completely lost, I knew why my heart had been stolen the moment I opened that door that night ..
I had never experienced that feeling, I didn’t believe it … Nobody had ever stolen my breath like that …

Those eyes had stolen my heart …

And my breath was stolen there, that night ...

I hope you continue to follow my blog and my writing, thank you and a big good to you! 🌹💖

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