I spy with my little eyes…

Hello my dears reader’s,

Today I have decided to write to you all, in English, and I should already apologize for some mistakes, because I don’t use English words very often!

Well I considered myself a observant person, so I look at all the things that sound me with mutch of attention…

I like to observe animals, flowers, nature… It’s such a joy to me to be able to see them!

So often, I spy with my little eyes, butterflies in my backyard, little birds and pigeons 👀🕵️‍♀️🐦🦋

Nature is everywhere, and we must enjoy it as much as we can, it is one of the most important things on your beautiful planet 🌏🌎💖

Such as all the animals too 💝💞🐒🦊🦝🦄🐎🐄🐷🐗🦌

So what can we spy with your little eyes?! 👀

Well, now I spy a three, my orange three, don’t ask me why but I love her! Perhaps, because she is older than me or because she gives me every years juicy oranges 🥰😊🍊

By now you may think, that I am a crazy person, and actually all of us have a bit of craziness inside 😛😋

I think that is healthy, we all must have fun in our lives, we can’t allow, that the children in us dies.

Life in self is serious enough, we must be able to have fun and enjoy the good things around us 👍❤️😁

I hope that all of you have enjoyed this post, and keep reading my blog and my writing… Best wishes for you all 🤗💖📖

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  1. If I were an orange, on a tree in your yard – seeing you watch me, I’d surely get happy. Yes, I chose not to rhyme this time 😂😂😂 The power of your beauty, especially your eyes…so splendid, my dear friend Carla. So beautiful – that’s what I spy with my little eyes. Wishing you a lovely day 🌹😘

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